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For nearly four years, from early 2007 to late 2010, I used this space to write (sometimes rant) about junk mail. Looking back I find it surprising it took me that long to figure out I really should be hosting Diary of of Junk Mail Campaigner myself. Blogger is a great tool but for web developers it's rather limited. (No criticism; I should have realised that before I set up the blog).

The awkward job of moving the blog (another thing Blogger doesn't handle very well) has now - finally - been done. In the process I've corrected hundreds of grammar / spelling / syntax errors; removed tens of dead hyperlinks; and deleted a handful of below-standard entries. It should make for a pleasant read:

If you ended up on this page because you followed a link from another website you'll hopefully be able to find the information you were looking for on the new blog. (I would normally have set up an automatic redirect but, you guessed it, Blogger doesn't allow that either.) Alternatively, the following links may be useful:

  • The best place to find information about stopping junk mail is the Guide to Stamping Out Junk Mail on the Stop Junk Mail website.
  • Junk Buster is a widget allowing you to contact up to six opt-out services for junk mail and paper directories in one go. It's got its own website: Please note you need to have Flash installed in order to see / use Junk Buster.
  • I've written loads about my best mates: the Direct Marketing Association and Royal Mail.
  • A surprisingly large number of people end up on this website on the search string 'Virgin Media junk mail'. If you're one of them, the blog entry you're looking for is How to stop 'To the Occupier junk mail from Virgin Media.
  • Unusual junk mail solutions always attract attention. There's a label for it on the new blog: Radical solutions.
  • Finally, junk mail art seems to be popular. Either check the Junk mail art label on the new blog or Art section on the Stop Junk Mail website.

Thank you for your interest.
Junk Buster, June 2012

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sorry... we're closed!

As per 1 January 2011 this blog has moved to

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